Sensorium Call for Works

If you are already putting something together for our Convocation, why not look into the Sensorium call, as well. From Judith Ring:



The Link Project presents S E N S O R I U M a weeklong festival of new music from Irish and international artists featuring workshops, talks and concerts promoting a wide range of non-commercial musical disciplines to stimulate the senses. The type of music being presented covers electro-acoustic works, audio visual displays, improvisation, performance art and contemporary dance presented in a alternative and exciting manner.

The events are curated by composers Judith Ring, Angie Atmadjaja and Emily Kalies and will run from the 7th until the 12th of March 2011 in the Cube, Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

We would like to invite you to submit a piece between 5 – 15 minutes long for performance at S E N S O R I U M. The pieces can be tape pieces or audio-visual works, or any other type of pieces not requiring a performer (unless you can provide them at your own expense).

4 – 6 pieces shall be chosen from the submissions and performed at the main S E N S O R I U M events on the 11th and 12th of March.

Don’t miss the potential opportunity to have your piece performed at one of the most exciting musical events of the year!

All submissions can be sent by post to:

Judith Ring
37 Reginald Street,
The Coombe,
Dublin 8

Or email an .mp3 (to be replaced by an uncompressed version if chosen) or a link to an .avi/.mov etc… (in the case of an audio-visual piece) to:

Deadline: 1st February 2011

For more information on our event please visit:

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