Limerick Sound Festival 2018 is a special event scheduled for 24 August 2018 on the campus of the University of Limerick, Ireland. It’s organised by the Irish Science Sound Technology Association (ISSTA).

The day will bring practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines together for an invigorating exploration of music in all its possibilities. Here are some of the scheduled performers.

ROBERT CURGENVEN encourages us to consider our experience of sound through our bodies and the space they inhabit. His performances are overwhelmingly tactile experiences, using sound as a physical field of perception.

JENN KIRBY is a composer based in Wales, who builds software and re-purposes controllers as musical interfaces. Her performances are theatrical and often humourous electronic music events.

ED DEVANE is an electronic musician and maker, who has recently launched the brand Soniphorm to promote his limited edition creations. His workshops on instrument building are fun and open to all.

ÓSCAR MASCAREÑAS is a composer who has written for many different ensembles, films, and dancers. He coined the term “choreosonography” for pieces that physicalise sounds and sound physicalities.

GIUSEPPE TORRE has a keen interest in the issues arising from the relationships between art and technology. He will present “Language is…”, a live-coding performance performed within the Unix shell.

Other performers and workshops will be announced.

In addition, there will be a curated sound walk on the grounds of the campus, plus a roundtable discussion that invites your thoughts.

The festival is free and open to all. It promises to be a wonderful chance to listen and share.

For more information contact:
Robin Parmar <>
Alan Dormer <>