ISSTC 2014

Audio Fabric: Socio-sonic Textures in the Real World

This year’s Convocation examines the social impact of sound in the real world: natural soundscapes, music, technological sounds, mediated sounds, spaces, places and sites. Technology cannot be divorced from the interconnections with cultural output, social practice and aesthetics. We seek to contextualise all sound-making and its sciences and technologies. What is the societal impact of our artistic and technical practice with sound? How does our research and practice impact the wider community? Finally, given that our practice is, for the most part, financed by public funding, what is it that we are giving back?

The fourth annual Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation (ISSTC 2014) will be held August 28-29, 2014 at National University Ireland, Maynooth.

Keynote Speakers

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson,
Dr Jacqueline Walker, University of Limerick

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August 28, Day 1

08:30 Registration NUI Library (Training Rooms A&B) Campus Map
09:00 Paper Session 1: Sound Processing in Time, Frequency, and Space
Thom Conaty, “Calculating the Mixing Time for Hybrid
Artificial Reverberation by Analysis of the Fractal Dimension
Profile of Room Impulse Responses”
Tony Doyle, “Experiment to Evaluate the Implementation of
Spatial Extent with Spectral Spatialisation”
Qingyi Ni, Bob Lawlor and Yuhang Ye, “Vibrato and Tremolo
Synthesis Toolbox for Music Processing”
Thomas Lysaght, Joseph Timoney and Stephen Brown,
“An Approach to Mixed-Phase Synthesis from
Modal distribution for musical instrument tones”s”
10:20 Questions
10:30 Coffee NUI Library (Main Foyer)
11:00 Paper Session 2: Sound and Noise Intertwined
Culann McCabe (Rocudo) – “A Review of a Generation
of Audio Technology Change in Business”
Yvette Jackson, “Soundscape (as) Composition: An
Ecological Approach to Listening”
Ulf A. S. Holbrook, “Invocation of the Equivocation:
Towards an understanding of noise”
12:00 Questions
12:30 Lunch NUI Library (Main Foyer)
13:30 Workshop 1: Foley Workshop; Jean McGrath, Caoimhe Doyle of Ardmore Sound– (Loftus Hall)
Part 1: Introduction to Foley and Film Sound, Q&A
Part 2: Practical Foley Performance and Recording Session
Part 3: Foley Recording Techniques, Equipment and Final Mix, Q&A
15:30 Coffee NUI Library (Main Foyer)
16:00 Keynote:   Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson
17:00 Reception (Pugin Hall)
18:30 Artwalk Donna Legault, “Subtle Territory”
Moritz Fehr, “Mohave (A Person was here)”
Darren Kirwan and Phil Hayes, “signal:noise”
Strange Attractor
Mikael Fernström and Sean Taylor, “City of Vultures”
Lugh O’Neill, “collocation”
Amy H Jorgensen, “Dream State”
Simon Kenny, Shane Byrne, “Ear Eye Mouth”
20:00 Concert 1 Patrick McGlynn, “OscTar”
Stephen Roddy, “Idle Hands: A 31-part exploration of Irish
Unemployment from 1983-2014 in G major”

Fergal Dowling, “Manchester Material”
Hoyong Lee, “Mirage”
Massimo Davi and Monica Miuccio, “Portas do Sol”
Rosalia Soria Luz, “Superposition of Two Opposites”
Dafydd Roberts, “Entelekheia”

August 29, Day 2

08:30 Registration NUI Library (Training Rooms A&B) Campus Map
09:00 Workshop 2: Spatial Audio, Tony Doyle – (Riverstown Lodge)
Part 1: Theory & Audio demonstrations
Part 2: Practical – Introduction to a spatial application with hands-on group composition.
11:00 Coffee NUI Library (Main Foyer)
11:30 Keynote: Jacqueline Walker
12:30 Poster session Jessica Aslan, “Navigating the Labyrinth: The String
Quartet as acousmatic landscape”
Mikael Fernström and Sean Taylor, “Creative
Patrick McGlynn and Simon Kenny, “A programmable
multi-touch performance platform”
Richard Guerci, Joseph Timoney and Thomas Lysaght, “A
Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting Windows Phone Application”
Ed Costello, Yuhang Ye, Joseph Timoney and Victor Lazzarini,
“Audio Transformations for the Enhancement of a Multiband
Mosaicing Algorithm and Textures”
13:30 Lunch NUI Library (Main Foyer)
14:30 Paper Session 3a: Composing Sound for Music and Performance By the Artist
Dafydd Roberts, “Born out of Chaos – Composing Cybernetic music”
Robin Parmar, “Field Recoding: Phonography and the Creation of Place”
15:10 Paper Session 3b: Programming Sound
Edward Costello, Steven Yi, Victor Lazzarini and Joseph
Timoney, “CsoundEmscripten: An Audio Software API for the Web”
Liam O’Sullivan, “A Picture Paints a Thousand Sounds; Visual Content
in Computer Music Interfaces”
15:50 Questions
16:00 Coffee NUI Library (Main Foyer)
16:30 ISSTA Annual General Meeting
18:00 Break
19:30 Concert 2 Maximilian Yip, “Karen”
Cormac Crawley, “Filtered & Blended” Program Notes
Roberto Zanata, “nero metropolitano”
Mari Ohno, “floating sound”
Michele Del Prete, “Selva di varie intonazioni”
Hugh McCarthy, “Ave Tarrega”
Ayako Sato, “sen no kaikou”
Bryan Robson, “Games”


Registration now available on Eventbrite.

Full Registration: All papers/posters, art, concerts, workshops, reception and full ISSTA membership Early Bird: €45; Regular: €55
Student Early Bird: €40; Regular: €50
First Day only: First day papers/posters, art, concert 1, workshop 1, reception and full ISSTA membership €30
Second Day only: Second day papers/posters, art, concert 2, workshop 2 and full ISSTA membership €25
Concerts only (€7 each at door) €10
ISSTA membership alone €15

Travel and Accommodation

Arriving in Ireland and Maynooth

Maynooth (Maigh Nuad in the Irish language) is a University town in north County Kildare, in the East of Ireland.
It is close to the M4 motorway, along the Royal Canal and the main Western Suburban Rail Line.

  • The closest International Airport is Dublin Airport about 20km distance from Maynooth and approximately 10 km north of Dublin city centre
  • Dublin Airport is served by a large number of buses, coaches and taxis (Dublin Airport Website)
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  • Travel information from Dublin Airport to Maynooth is summarized below. Further information is available here on the University website.
  • The quickest way from the Airport (but costly – about 40euros) to Maynooth is by taxi.
  • You can find maps of the NUI, Maynooth: South Campus map (gif) (pdf) and North Campus map (gif) (pdf).
    The Conference and Accommodation Office (location 25, square D2 on the South Campus Map. It is under an archway close to the South Campus entrance
  • A further comprehensive overview of travel to Maynooth can be found here on the Mathematics Department website which also has information on restaurants and cafes in Maynooth. There is also a useful map of Maynooth town.

Arriving by Bus

Dublin Airport to Maynooth / Maynooth to Dublin Airport

Direct to Maynooth Airport Hopper 2-hourly Service
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Bus Éireann
via Dublin City Centre stops
Bus Éireann No. 22

Airport to Dublin City Center:

Express Services Aircoach Route 700, 705X
Airlink 747
Regular Services 16 and 41
For the bus to Maynooth, get off at O’Connell St (16a, 747), Lower Abbey St
(41), or Trinity College (Aircoach), and walk to the 66/67/67x (below) bus stop on
Westmoreland St. For train connections, Airlink 747 to Busaras (Central Bus
Station) brings you closest to Connolly Station.

Dublin City Center to Maynooth

City Center to Maynooth Bus 66 or 67 or 66x(rush hour)
45 mins

The most central stop for bus No. 66/67/66x is Westmoreland St, close to O’Connell Bridge.

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Arriving by Train from Dublin City

The Western Suburban railway line serves three city centre stations (Pearse Station, Tara St. and Connolly Station) as well as many suburban stations and is a quick and convenient way to get to NUI Maynooth. Links to Irish Rail services can be found here.

Arriving by Taxi

We recommend to use a Maynooth-based taxi to come here
from Dublin Airport rather than an airport taxi because the driver
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less. Maynooth taxi drivers all know where the University is, and often even
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Express Cabs +353-1-628-9999
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Hotels / Accommodation

Glenroyal Hotel – centrally located 15 min walk and next to railway station and bus terminal
Carton House and Country Club – a 30 min walk or taxi
Maynooth Campus Conference and Accommodation – on Campus. Use voucher code ISSTA_06/14 when booking for discount.

Organising Committee

Kerry Hagan (President, ISSTA)
Tony Langlois (Chair of Workshops)
Victor Lazzarini (Co-chair of Music)
Ryan Molloy (Co-chair of Music)
Linda O’Keeffe (Chair of Sound Art/Installations)
Joe Timoney (Chair of Papers)
Giuseppe Torre (Treasurer, ISSTA)

Review Committee

Robert Bentall
Brian Bridges
Kate Carr
Kim Cascone
Brian Connolly
Fionnula Conway
Gordon Delap
Alan Dormer
Milena Droumeva
Mikael Fernström
Corey Fogel
Gavin Kearney
Jari Kleimola
Tony Langlois
Victor Lazzarini
Eric Lyon
Thomas Lysaght
Brona Martin
Simon Mawhinney
Patrick McGlynn
Suzanne Mooney
Robin Parmar
Darragh Pigott
Andrea Santini
Jesse Seay
Giuseppe Torre
Rory Walsh
Nicholas Ward
Tomas Ward
Paul Wilson
Jeremy Woodruff
Steven Yi

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