Past Events

Find out more about past ISSTA Events:

ISSTA Spatial Audio 2023 (Belfast)

ISSTA River Shannon Soundwalk (Limerick 2022)

ISSTA 2021 TIDES: An ISSTA Anthology (Online)

ISSTA 2020 Sonic Practice Now (Online)

ISSTA 2019 Perform! (Cork)

ISSTA 2018 Who’s Listening? (Derry)

ISSTA 2018 Limerick Sound Festival

ISSTA 2017 Sound-Makers (Dundalk)

ISSTA 2016 Temporary Autonomous Zones (Derry)

ISSTC 2015 Resonance and Recapitulation: Echo of a Renaissance (Limerick)

ISSTC 2014 Audio Fabric: Socio-sonic Textures in the Real World (Maynooth)

ISSTC 2013 Transmission Drift (DĂșn Laoghaire)

ISSTC 2012 Noise, bytes, bits: states of sound (Cork)

ISSTC 2011 Overture (Limerick)