ISSTC 2012 Highlights

Noise, bytes, bits: states of sound

Noise has become ubiquitous in most of our lives. As listening is an imaginative activity, so noise is a cultural construct, and has always been a presence in our music, communication and environment. From Russolo to the post-digital arts, noise has been increasingly accepted into the realm of artistic practice as valid and evocative material. This Convocation will draw upon both science and art, theory and practice, in exploring these spaces and focuses on how contemporary science and technology affects the concept of noise.

The second annual Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation (ISSTC) was held August 1-2, 2012 at the Cork School of Music and St. John’s College in Cork.


Some photos from ISSTC 2012

August 1, 2012

9:00 Edward Costello, Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney – A Live Concatenation Synthesis Performance System
9:30 Joe Timoney,Tomas Ó Póil, Tom Lysaght, Victor Lazzarini, Robert Voigt – Subtractive Synthesis Modelling of the Irish Uilleann Pipes
10:00 Scott McLaughlin – Gardens of Forking Paths: the Instrument as Dynamic System
10:30 Break
11:00 Keynote Workshop – John Lillis -”DJ culture in time dilation shocker”
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Annemieke JM Van Der Tol, Jane Edwards – A self-regulatory perspective on choosing ‘sad’ music to enhance mood.
14:30 Mark O’Connor – Recording and Musicality
15:00 Bernard Clarke – How dare you bring that noise into our homes…
15:30 Break
16:00 Artwalk and Keynote Artist – Sven Anderson
Other works by: Christian Cherene and John D’Arcy; Scott McLaughlin; Bren O Ruaidh and Claire Guerin; Karen Power; Lisa Reburn; The Water Project;
18:30 Reception and Keynote Performer – John Godfrey
20:00 Concert: Softday – In a [not so] silent way; Katie O’Looney and Harry Moore – Bashamangais; Thomas McConville – Intro and Moustache; Gavin Prior – Harpsy Klust; Stephen McCourt – ac-2; Simon Fay – x<100, y>1000 (Music4DogsNWhales); Toymonger – Hunted Moon; Eleanor Stewart – rest; Karel von Kleist – EF86

August 2, 2012

9:00 Malachy Ronan, Darragh Pigott, Robert Sazdov – Configuring SpADE: Practical Considerations Influencing the Design of a 3D Multi-Channel Listening Environment
9:30 Patrick McGlynn, Victor Lazzarini, Damián Keller, Marcelo Soares Pimenta, Marcelo Queiroz – Spatial Tagging: A Preliminary Study
10:00 Mikael Fernstrom, Sean Taylor – A perspective on socially engaged sound art practice
10:30 Break
11:00 Workshop: Robin Renwick, Felipe Hickmann – UDP Networking Technologies within Network Music Performance: Download linkcontaining software, presentation and installation instructions.
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Karen Power – Everything Bleeds: let’s talk sound
14:30 Kerry Hagan – Reading Attali
15:00 Robin Parmar – Becoming Noise: Unwanted Sounds From Helmholtz To Hegarty
15:30 Keynote Speaker – Paul Hegarty – Is Noise a Quality?
16:30 Break
17:00 ISSTA Annual General Meeting
18:30 Break
20:00 Concert: Jenn Kirby – Laptop Performance; Patrick McGlynn – Abandoned Spaces; Eric Lyon – Spaced Images with Noise and Lines; Robin Parmar – Perturbation; Massimo Davi – disaggio del silenzio imperfetto; Brona Martin – Along the Bell Tower; Gerard Gormley – Testure

Participant List

  • Anthony Carcone
  • Christian Cherene
  • Bernard Clarke
  • Edward Costello
  • John D’Arcy
  • Massimo Davi
  • Jane Edwards
  • Simon Fay
  • Mikael Fernström
  • Gerard Gormley
  • Claire Guerin
  • Kerry Hagan
  • Felipe Hickmann
  • Damián Keller
  • Karel von Kleist
  • Jenn Kirby
  • Victor Lazzarini
  • James Leahy
  • Eric Lyon
  • Tom Lysaght
  • Brona Martin
  • Thomas McConville
  • Stephen McCourt
  • Patrick McGlynn
  • Scott McLaughlin
  • Harry Moore
  • Mark O’Connor
  • Katie O’Looney
  • Tomas Ó Póil
  • Bren O Ruaidh
  • Robin Parmar
  • Darragh Pigott
  • Marcelo Soares Pimenta
  • Karen Power
  • Gavin Prior
  • Marcelo Queiroz
  • Lisa Reburn
  • Robin Renwick
  • Malachy Ronan
  • Nick Roth
  • Robert Sazdov
  • Softday (Mikael Fernström and Sean Taylor)
  • Eleanor Stewart
  • Sean Taylor
  • Joseph Timoney
  • Toymonger (Andrew Fogarty and Gavin Prior)
  • Annemieke J.M. Van Den Tol
  • Robert Voigt
  • Susan Walsh

Organising Committee

  • Kerry Hagan
  • Tony Langlois
  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Harry Moore
  • Linda O’Keeffe
  • Giuseppe Torre

Submission Chairs

  • Art: Linda O’Keeffe
  • Music: Kerry Hagan
  • Papers: Giuseppe Torre
  • Workshops: Hugh McCarthy


  • Gordon Delap
  • Milena Droumeva
  • Mikael Fernström
  • Tony Langlois
  • Lou Malozzi
  • Danny McCarthy
  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Léon McCarthy
  • Nye Perry
  • Darragh Pigott
  • Karen Power
  • Giuseppe Torre
  • Robert Sazdov
  • Jesse Seay
  • Jürgen Simpson