Shannon Fields Call


ISSTA invites your contribution to Shannon Fields, a collaborative geolocated sound walk. This project highlights the region defined by the Shannon River, on the campus of the University of Limerick, Ireland. Presented through a mobile application, sounds will be activated based on listener proximity to key locations.

We are looking for sounds of any nature (music, field recording, etc.) that you believe address a point of interest. If we have multiple submissions per location, these will be streaming sequentially. Take into account that your sounds will be heard over headphones, in the context of the specific location chosen.

We have a Google Map with photographs of the route, several of which have been chosen as potential listening points. Visit this page to familiarise yourself with the locations:


Shannon Fields is part of Limerick Sound Festival 2018, scheduled for 24 August 2018. It’s organised by the Irish Science Sound Technology Association (ISSTA), as part of our annual offering of public events. The day will include musical performances, workshops, and a roundtable discussion involving sound artists, composers, musicians, and other practitioners.

Though the Festival is schedule for a single day, Shannon Fields will be available for an extended time period, enabling access to a larger community of listeners.


Please email us the following, using the subject line “Shannon Fields”.

  • a link to a stereo audio file (WAV, AIFF, FLAC) hosted at WeTransfer or Dropbox
  • a description of your contribution in relation to the call (100 words)
  • your name and a bio (100 words)
  • DEADLINE: 30 June 2018

Be sure to explicitly mention the location(s) you wish to address:

  • Living Bridge
  • Millstream Circle
  • Otter Path
  • Kingfisher Trail
  • Grove of Ruins
  • Plassey Strand
  • Concrete Bridge
  • Fishing Shack
  • Under Living Bridge
  • Wooden Throne
  • The Giant
  • Ski Slope
  • The Statue

Please try to keep each submission to under 8 minutes. Multiple submissions for different locations are welcome.

There is no fee for processing your submission, but equally we regret being unable to compensate artists for their work. This festival will be free and open to all.

DEADLINE: 30 June 2018