ISSTA 2017 Registration and Elections

Hi all,

Our registration pages for ISSTA 2017: Sound–Makers: technologies, practices and cultures are now live so please register if you plan to attend, present or perform this year:


Non-Members can register for the conference HERE

Members can register for the conference HERE


In other news, we are seeking to fill three roles on our Board of Directors. Pursuant to Article 4 Section 2 of the ISSTA by-laws the President of the association formally requests nominations for President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

We are calling on all members to provide nominations for these roles and you can either nominate yourself or somebody else. If you nominate somebody else please contact them to ensure that they agree to the nomination. Nominees do not necessarily need to be pre-existing members of ISSTA so feel free to nominate somebody that you think would best fit the role. Voting will take place at the annual AGM held during this year’s ISSTA conference in DKIT. More on that event here:

A short description of each of the posts is included below and  there are more further details on the procedures for nominations and elections available on the website at this link:

The principal executive officer of the association who supervises and conducts the activities and operations of the association on behalf of the Board of Directors.

The Vice-President works closely with President on overall organisation.

The Treasurer works with the President to keep financial records, works with the tax office for reporting, assists with grant and funding applications, works with accountant in maintaining books, occasionally signs/writes checks and occasionally makes deposits.

Please send your nomination(s) to: