August Newsletter

Dear Members

It is almost that time again, the next ISSTA event, which promises to be an amazing three days of sound. We have some notes and requests for the event and future participation with ISSTA. Looking forward to seeing you in Derry.

AGM and nominations

As members of ISSTA we are now calling on you to consider taking a more active role in the organisation. Two posts need to be filled this year and we are looking for nominations for these roles. You can nominate someone you think would be suitable or nominate yourself. Voting will take place at the annual AGM during the ISSTA conference.

The roles are secretary and web manager, details of the role of secretary can be found at this link: ISSTA ByLaws

The web manager role involves maintaining the website, the newsletter, and the payment and registration system.

As secretary and/or web manager you automatically become a board member of ISSTA and play a role in the running and future development of the organisation. ISSTA is taking on new challenges in the coming years, branching out its mission statement, and will start to take on different projects throughout the year, including developing a publication of works section.

Send your nomination to;

Finally, during the AGM this year we will be asking members to vote on a name change for the organisation. This has been raised at previous AGM’s and was decided that this year we would put it to a vote.


The printed proceedings for this years ISSTA conference and festival are now available for download on the website. This years three day event is jam packed with activities, so plan your timetable well. There are workshops, exhibitions, performances, some of which need to be booked in advance, concerts, gigs, and paper presentations. We have some very exciting keynotes this year, so try not to miss those talks.

For this years ISSTA we will be releasing a CD compilation of works presented at the event in collaboration with the label Stolen Mirror, founded by Robin Parmar. We will be asking you for permission to place a sample of your audio works on the CD and will release in October/November with free copies for attendees. This pack is seen as a publication of your presentation at ISSTA, similar to the printed proceedings and we do not ask for copyright of this work, it is simply a documentation of the event in CD format.

If you are trying to get to Derry within the island of Ireland and would like to share driving or travelling expenses, please make use of the members email or Facebook page to put out calls.

Linda O Keeffe

President of ISSTA


All at ISSTA